PRGF (Platelet Rich Growth Factors) technology is used in the treatment of bone and soft tissue by stimulating the body’s own resources and reducing the symptoms of the surgery.

Bio-regenerative therapy is based on the extraction of a growth factor, connective cells and highly potent cells from own blood. After laboratory preparation they return to the patient in the form of highly concentrated compositions.

Such preparations accelerate the recovery of wounds, reduce or eliminate pain, improve regeneration, stimulate the formation of new bone, close the wound and prevent infection, accelerates epithelialization and significantly improve osseointegration of implants.

They are used in surgery, especially when regeneration of bones is needed, stimulation of tissue regeneration. They accelerate recovery and reduce the symptoms after surgery.

A special application has to implant dentistry and reconstructive periodontal therapy.

Tomislav Lauc started to use PRGF technology first in Croatia and he is an opinion leader for BTI PRGF.
  • 2016.
    Opinion Leader Conference
    BioTechnology Institute, Vitoria, Španjolska
  • 2015.
    Opinion Leader Conference
    BioTechnology Institute, Vitoria, Španjolska
  • 2014.
    3D CBCT diagnostics and BTI densitometry
    BioTechnology Institute, Zagreb, March 22nd 2014.
  • 2013.
    PRGF certificate
    Vitoria, Spain